Steps to Getting Government Grants for Your Small Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 13th, 2010

There were times when people happily used to donate money to various charity organizations or invest funds in some ongoing project. It was then, when government too had enough finances to support people in their different undertakings. Since the decline of economy, people all over are faced with the difficulty in keeping up the pace financially. This includes small business.

Government grants were given to start up one’s own business and to improve their part in the economy of country, but currently few government grants are assigned for starting or giving money to start up a new business. Though there is a small business administration (SBA) to financially assist people in planning and taking proper steps to improve business and get funding. Since 1953, SBA has played its part in providing free guidance to obtaining government grants to starters for their small businesses.

Step 1 Review your business

In order to acquire help of SBA, your small business must meet the business size standards and adhere to the rules of the Small Business Administration. Obtaining a government grant is tough, but without ensuring that your business meets the strict guidelines of the SBA grants, your chances of obtaining such monies is zero.

Step 2 Review your proposal

Like with any other type of grant, a well written cover letter and proposal that introduces your business, shows your business model, and projects sales are required. As there are fewer government grants, be sure that your cover letter and proposal are flawless to increase your chances of getting a grant.

Step 3 Apply online or via mail

Once you determine that your business is eligible for a government grant, you can apply online through the SBA. On the page, you can also find the specific address for your region to mail in your grant material, which should include your proposal.

Step 4 Consider private funding as an alternative

Government grants were allotted if the specific criteria were met, but since few such offers are available now, consider the many private grant providing organizations that can fund you. For acquiring these grants, one must meet their requirements and eligibility criteria, so they are assured that the grant they are giving would be used at the right place.

Remember, competition for grants is fierce. Prepare yourself.

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