Steps to Ghost Writing – Build an Independent Career

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 13th, 2010

The disturbance in the world job market has compelled a lot of people to take alternative career decisions. People are no longer sure of their jobs and most people are switching to small scale businesses, be it online or offline. When it comes to online business and launching your own website, there are various factors that come into play. Promoting the website well to ensure that it reaches a wider audience is very important.

Step 1 Understand ghost writing

Content creation and article marketing is a very important aspect of the Search Engine Optimization program and here comes the aspect of ghost writing. A ghost writer is someone who will write content for your website in order to promote your business, thoughts and ideas as per your instruction. In exchange he will be paid a fee. The ghost writer won’t receive credit for the job he is doing. So, if along with the money you also seek an acknowledgment for your work, ghost writing is not the job for you.

Step 2 Write for your money

Ghost writing is now a booming career choice. You can take it as a full time or part time profession. It is easy to earn money and the prospects are high. The pay is quite good as well, considering that you get good clients. The better you get at this job the more clients you get. It takes some time to establish yourself as an able ghost writer on the web, but once you do, it can be that independent career you always wanted.

Step 3 Find ghost writing jobs

There are many sites that advise on how to find ghostwriting jobs. Three of the best are Get A Freelancer, Guru and Elance.

It’s that simple. Remember, not all great career choices are obvious.

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