Steps to Obtaining Non-Profit Funding to Enhance Your Small Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 13th, 2010

Money has always been an important factor in doing anything in life, whether it is education, entertainment or business. As financial restraints hinder much of the globe, financial assistance is greatly needed to meet many of the population’s basic requirements. In such a case, even if they take loans, they do not have the capability of repaying it.

Here it is where non-profit funding can help. Non-profit funding giants, such as the Ford Foundation, lend money to non-profits on a regular basis. Through such organizations, one can acquire money after meeting their criteria and should have no worries in paying it back to them. The most important task in obtaining help from such non-profit organizations would be to fully satisfy them with their requirements.

Step 1 Remember to include a cover letter

Cover letters should include the summary of the work for which you require grant for the non-profit, the purpose and goal of demanding a grant, methods or strategies with which you would use the money. Detail of the project is important to submit, since unless and until the organization does a full investigation, it will not deliver any money.

Step 2 Begin with a well written proposal

To win a grant, a professional and well written grant proposal is needed. Whether you decide to hire a grant writer or take on the task yourself, the proposal should be flawless and emphasize the dire need of funding and how a large group of people would benefit from your non-profit. A simple Google search can help you find funding agencies that specialize in the objective of your non-profit.

Step 3 Consider more than one funding organization

Usually such funding organizations have fewer amounts to donate. So, it is better to submit grant proposals at various organizations in order to raise more capital for your small business. Such organizations can be reached in person or information about them can be obtained from banks, since banks do keep a record list of such non-profit funding organizations. Also, many can be accessed through the internet, allowing you to be in contact with many organizations around the country. Thus, enhancing your small business through taking grants would surely improve your output.

Upon completion of the cover letter and proposal, review everything again. There can be no mistakes when obtaining funds for non-profits.

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