Steps to Management Success – Step 108: Be Entrepreneurial

Written By Rick Frishman Published April 14th, 2010


Be Entrepreneurial

This is the age of the free agent. Even if you’re not the owner of the company you work for, act as if you are. Seniority and experience simply don’t have the value they once did. You have to do more than just show up and put in long hours. You have to produce profits—and results.

WHAT IT MEANS: Entrepreneurship is the recognition and pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources you currently control, with confidence that you can succeed, with the flexibility to change course as necessary, and with the will to rebound from setbacks. It means being resourceful—using what you have to do what you can.

It means taking the initiative—making the success of your business your ultimate responsibility. And it means that you bring to the table a certain amount of passion and “sweat equity”—the willingness and energy to roll up your sleeves and tackle the many problems at hand. Clock-watchers need not apply. Regular employees have jobs. As an entrepreneurial person, you can have a mission.

ACTION PLAN: Be creative in acquiring the resources you need to build and grow your business—or your career. Learn what you need to know. Establish goals and work toward them. Be a “company of one.” Don’t hesitate to take educated risks. First and foremost, an entrepreneur is a person who takes responsibility for making things happen, including his or her own job satisfaction. Plain and simple: your success is ultimately up to you.

EVEN BETTER: If the business where you currently work is too small for two (or more) entrepreneurs, do what thousands of underutilized, underappreciated, and underfulfilled people have done before you: start your own business! Take a course, read a book, do the footwork, and start planning a venture that will make you “boss-free” from Day One.

(Excerpted from: 10 Clowns Don’t Make a Circus. . . and 249 Other Critical Management Success Strategies by Steven Schragis and Rick Frishman)

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