First Step to Avoid Procrastination

Written By The Thrillionaires Published April 16th, 2010

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By Nik Halik

Procrastination is one of the biggest building blocks to success. One thing you may notice is that procrastination is similar to a viral fever and will become contagious. If you associate with a group of disempowered individuals, you may need to guard the palace of your mind.

Step 1: One of my friends used to quote the Bible and say, “Bad associations spoil useful habits.” So, the first step in combating this deadly disease, in a sense is to separate yourself from people who have it. Quarantine yourself from them and start to associate with people who are disciplined. Their energy will re-energize you and motivate you to accomplish your goal.

Ask yourself the following. Are you afraid of something? Are you afraid of succeeding? Focus on reaching smaller goals and sooner than later you will reach it.

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