Steps to Making You Feel Much Better

Written By The Thrillionaires Published April 16th, 2010

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By Nik Halik

In life there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. When I reflect upon my life and business success, I would have to say that this is very true. I traverse the globe and continually immerse myself in a myriad of cultures and the one commonality I would say is that all people are the same. Yes, they may have a different skin color, they may dress differently than us but the joy on their faces when they do something special for another person is the same. The smile that is radiated on their faces is priceless.

Step 1: Write an email or letter and tell someone, maybe your mom, maybe your co-worker how much you appreciate them and why. Watch the joy you see on their face after they’ve read it and watch the joy you feel inside. It’s life changing. Imagine doing that every day, how much it would change your world and how much it would change theirs.

I sincerely believe that we all are born with a purpose in this world and it is not only restricted to our own being. We are also born to make this world and even our society a better place to live in.

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