Steps to Pursuing Your Dreams

Written By The Thrillionaires Published April 16th, 2010

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By Nik Halik

A friend of mine just recently shared with me the story of John. John was a highly successful business maverick who was contemplating suicide. John had everything materially. He literally owned a mansion, jet-set around the globe, ate at the finest restaurants and stayed at the ultimate 5 star hotels. Yet John’s life was miserable.

My friend explained that John had everything on the outside but deep inside he had nothing. John had spent years pursuing a life, rising up the corporate ladder and dinners with top CEOs from Fortune 500 companies. His rolodex consisted of personalities from the Hollywood royalty party scene. With all this lifestyle, why was John so close to ending it all? John’s life had derailed some time ago. What was the cause? John was indeed a corporate millionaire but he always wanted to be a professional touring musician and to compose music.

Step 1: John had what others deemed as success but felt unfulfilled because he was off-track in regards to his dreams. In relation to your life, how do you feel? What is your life like? Are you on track? Are you doing what you were put on earth to do?

Step 2: Your assignment today is to make a short list, a list of what you’ve always wanted to do, who you always wanted to be – not who society or your parents said you should be, and look at what you’re doing right now to take steps toward your ultimate life.

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