Steps to Networking – Step 97: RECOMMENDED READING LIST

Written By Rick Frishman Published April 19th, 2010


Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last (Third Edition)—Lillian D. Bjorseth, Duoforce Enterprises, 2003.

Capsules: Top 25 Tips & Creative Remedies for Women and Small Business Owners—Robyn Levin, Centerpiece Publishing (2003) eBook.

Crappy to Happy: Small Steps to Big Happiness NOW!—Randy Peyser, Red Wheel/Weiser (2002).

Get Clients Now!(TM): A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches— C.J. Hayden, Amacom (1999).

Guerrilla Publicity: Hundreds of Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Maximum Sales for Minimum Dollars—Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin, Adams Media Corp. (2002).

How to Work a Room, Revised Edition: Your Essential Guide to Savvy Socializing– Susan RoAne, Quill (2000).

–Martin Edelston and Marion Buhagiar, The Greenwich Institute for American Education (1992).

Is Your “Net” Working?: A Complete Guide to Building Contacts and Career Visibility—Anne Boe and Bettie B. Youngs, John Wiley & Sons (1989).

Knock ‘Em Dead 2004: Great Answers to over 200 Tough Interview Questions, Plus the Latest Job Search Strategies— Martin Yate, Adams Media Corp. (2002).

Learn to Power Think: A Practical Guide to Positive and Effective Decision Making–Caterina Rando, Chronicle Books (2002).

Make Your First Million In Network Marketing: Proven Techniques You Can Use to Achieve Financial Success– Mary Christensen and Wayne Christensen, Adams Media Corp. (2001).

Nonstop Networking: How to Improve Your Life, Luck, and Career (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)—Andrea R. Nierenberg, Capital Books, Inc. (2002).

Power Networking, 2nd Edition: 59 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success–Donna Fisher, Sandy Vilas and Marilyn Hermance, Bard Press (2000).

The Secrets of Savvy Networking: How to Make the Best Connections for Business and Personal Success—Susan RoAne

Streetwise Business Tips: 200 Ways to Get Ahead in Business, Most of Which I Learned the Hard Way— Bob Adams, Adams Media Corp. (1998).

The Everything Start Your Own Business Book: From the Birth of Your Concept and Your First Deal, All You Need to Get Your Business Off the Ground (Everything Series)— Richard Mintzer and Rich Mintzer, Adams Media Corp. (2002).

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Networking (Smart Woman’s Series)— Joyce Hadley and Betsy Sheldon, Career Press (1995).

The Tipping Point— Malcolm Gladwell, Little Brown and Company (2000).

The 25 Sales Skills: They Don’t Teach at Business School— Stephan Schiffman, Adams Media Corp. (2002).

The 21 Laws of Influence— Hellen Davis, Indaba Press (2003).

(Excerpted from NETWORKING MAGIC: Making Connections That Will Change Your Life By Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin With Mark Steisel)

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