Steps to Hiring a Talented General Counsel

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 19th, 2010

The economy, the legal system, acquisitions, mergers, development and booming economies have all affected the way the general counsel works and what assigned duties must be in modern law and business. Here’s how to hire a talented general counsel for your company.

Step 1 Use as a business partner

In the current market, several companies treat their general counsel as an individual who is responsible for carrying out their duties effectively and at the same time would act as legal counsels also. In adding to being a decisive business partner and a legal counsel, the general counsel should lead with example, manage, organize and must guide and teach others also in the company. In other words, a talented legal counsel should be versed in business not just the law. If the applicant has an MBA and a JD, then the hire is good for your business.

Step 2 Promote from within

The increased competition and the intricateness of the nature of general counsel’s role have made the task of filling this vacancy very difficult. Even the most experienced human resource professionals are experiencing difficulty in selecting the right candidate for the right job. The easiest way to fill the vacancy of the leaving general counsel is to promote the current general counsel already working in the legal department of the company. They should be given promotion as he is aware of all the policies and guidelines of the company.

Step 3 Manage legal staff correctly

The greatest obstacle to productively hire a general counsel evolves from inappropriate management and the lack of foresight. If more than one legal counsel is at your firm, be sure to monitor their performance. If hiring legal counsel, get involved with HR in the hiring process. Human resource professionals try to select the perfect candidate and often do not hire the right candidate due to a lack of managerial input. A perfect candidate may have the right expertise to carry out his job but he may not have the right attitude or approach towards his job. This will eventually decrease his productivity and competitiveness.

Remember that legal counsel is an essential staff member in you firm.

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