Steps to Mobile Communications in Today’s Business World

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 19th, 2010

Today, the use of mobile devices is all pervasive and it seems inconceivable to even think of a world without mobiles. Not so long ago, landline phones were the only source of communicating, but now most everyone has some type of mobile communication device. You just ask for their mobile number.

Step 1 Use mobile devices to help you expand

Mobile communications have caused further shrinkage to this world which was already being called a global village. Mobile communications are wireless communications made possible through satellite systems. There has been a sea of change in the face of technology in the last decade or so and the heavyweight mobiles with limited features have given way to almost weightless, slim mobiles with unique features like MP3, internet, voice messaging and much more. The text message servicing or the SMS is a very popular means of mobile communications among the youth. These dynamics can help you expand your business without much effort. Many services supply demographic information about which group tends to use which device. With this knowledge, you can develop your marketing plan to suit the specific demographic and potential customers.

Step 2 Benefit from price wars

Because of the widespread use of mobiles, there is a price war going on between the mobile operators which results in cheap rates to the users. This is of benefit to you and your business. As rates go down you can engage in more meaningful dialogue with your clients and potential customers since your overall cost of operations is lower. You can also use more types of devices to promote your business. It is really amazing to see the rates of local STD and ISD going down drastically with the advent of new mobile service providers. To increase their customer base and also to retain the existing customer base, these companies lure the customers with attractive tariff plans. At this rate the day is not far when mobile talking will become free of cost with companies advertising their products and services on mobiles and paying hefty fees to the mobile service providers.

Remember, you need to bee seen in the global village to survive.

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