Steps to Understanding Stress Management – from the youth perspective

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 19th, 2010

Does anyone know at what age students suffer from severe stress? Young parents may say that students suffer from stress early in their age. Aged parents might say that middle school students suffer from severe stress. Still others may mention that secondary school as the period of highest stress. Let’s learn to manage stress at any age.

Step 1 Enroll in a stress management class at a local college or library

Some schools and colleges may include voluntary stress management classes so that students are able to relieve themselves from overburden and stress mainly due to examinations or meeting other important deadlines. In like manner, to manage the stress of running a business or handling daily affairs, you should enroll in a stress management class to learn how to deal with stress and stressful situations.

Step 2 Find the source of stress

Efficient stress management for students demands comprehensive definitions of terms like grief, stress and stressors. Students who are not able to understand the real meaning of stress are not likely to accomplish reducing stress. The result could be very drastic in the form of increased stress and grief. Stress management with students in schools and colleges can only commence after they comprehend that the additional burden made upon them are stress givers and not stress. In similar fashion, identify the source of stresses in your life by writing down what makes you anxious, nervous, or bereaved. By isolating the source of stress, you can either remove the source from your life or effectively manage it.

Step 3 Develop a plan

You should develop a creative action map with accurate guidelines and procedures that enables you to tackle stress effectively and efficiently. Write down activities that you enjoy and relieves stress. Then participate in these activities more often, even if it is a small task, such as scrapbooking, once per day for five minutes.

That’s it! Stress management is essential for your overall good health and for your business success.

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