Steps to using Poems, Stories and Recipes in Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 19th, 2010

Poems, stories and even recipes can help you connect to your customers in a special way.

Step 1 Get creative with poetry

Poetry can be very special and touching. People often have a strong inclination towards poetry, which is able to stimulate a personal or sentimental connection and human values. Poetry which is not able to connect to a set of individuals does not necessarily mean that the poetry is not well written and on the other hand, poems which attach a special bonding with readers does not mean that the poetry is well written. It is just the opinion or viewpoint of various people. It is very subjective in nature. Poems provide new energy to their readers.

In like manner, write a poem or song lyric that appeals to your specific consumer target and place it on your site. Use the poem in your sales letters or promos if short. You will reach customers in a different way than regular ad copy writing.

Step 2 Use stories to reach your customers

Stories have played a very important role in our lives especially when we were young. When we were small our parents used to tell diverse stories before we went to bed. Various fascinating websites provide different stories which throws light on the concealed meanings of the diverse stories, which may be authentic or actually happened. Television serials also reveal different stories about different topics. Similarly, you can hire a writer or create your own personal story to use as a sales pitch.

Step 3 Use recipes to reach new clients

Recipes allow us to prepare different types of food very accurately and quickly. People who are very fond of food love to prepare diverse cuisines with the help from recipes. Various cookery shows on the television has only increased the interest in preparing food. Master Chefs preparing food in these shows have enhanced the overall image of cooking and hence the demand for good recipes has only increased. You can use the sudden popularity of cooking shows and recipes to help drive more customers to your business. If you have a brick and mortar business, host and sponsor a free cooking class for customers. If you have an online business, have a recipe contest and promote the contest.

Remember creativity is the key to getting new clients.

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