Steps to Using Travel to Obtain Additional Business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 19th, 2010

How can you convert apparent prospects into clients? What should you do in your presentation to crack the sale? Why not attempt an incentive? The three top options to stimulate people to purchase your goods through an incentive is money, free products, and travel opportunities.

Step 1 Choose travel incentives to draw customers

Holiday and travel incentives are very popular and are the most influential methods to draw business, sustaining lucrative clients, enhancing profits, increasing product knowledge and enhancing employee efficiency. Cash incentives are very expensive propositions and may not be very productive. The main reason behind this is that you pay money for money and what tiny amount of money you present is used to compensate bills and is hurriedly forgotten. Products may work very well and it is very factual you may purchase them at a discounted rate but the main issue is that many people already have everything they need and one might not know what they want. Businesses who utilize travel enticements in their sales and marketing strategies have witnessed at least 35% increase in their overall sales.

Step 2 Offer some fun to your customers

The most common example would be recreation travel. It is very cost effective. The most victorious travel advertising will cost generally 2.5% of its market assessment. Most importantly, recreational travel enticements are very tempting to everyone. According to the findings of a well renowned travel magazine, 60% of travel related enticements are much more advantageous than cash or product incentives.

Step 3 Make a splash

When offering a travel incentive, offer free tickets and discounted accommodations to a fun destination, such as Disney. More potential customers will want to purchase your product for a chance to win a contest that you offer or buy enough of your products (and collect the UPC labels) to be eligible for the incentive. Your budget won’t be as dented also since fun locations can usually be given at steep discounts.

Remember, competition is fierce, so you need to offer unique travel incentives.

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