Steps to Benefitting from Conferencing

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 20th, 2010

Conferencing is a method of interacting with a person at a distance; you can not only hear the person, but you can also see the person live. This is one feature of conferencing which has revolutionized distance learning. You don’t need to travel to other parts of the world and make arrangements of hotels, thus saving you or your business a lot of time and money.

Step 1 Use video conferencing to save time and money

If a businessman in the U.S has a plant in Singapore and he wants to arrange a meeting with his managers there, he need not go there physically. Instead, he can make use of video conferencing to see and hear all his managers and solve his problems without having to spend a lot on travel. For example, with the help of this feature, governors of different states can see and talk to each other without leaving their states. This is the beauty of technology. It is possible for a surgeon to assist a team of doctors operating upon a patient thousands of kilometers away using this technology. In like manner, sites such as can help you find inexpensive video conference services so that you can work with others to help you with your business needs without leaving your business.

Step 2 Consult with others with speed

What seems as commonplace in the form of conferencing these days is something that many people may not have even dreamt of just a few years ago. With the help of video conferencing, multinational companies manage the affairs of their businesses in various countries without any hiccups. As I mentioned, conferencing has come as a boon to seriously ill patients who could not afford to travel to far off places to consult expert doctors. Doctors can not only diagnose, but also perform major operations on a patient with the assistance of local doctors using video conferencing. Similarly, you can consult with other businesspeople without having to leave your office. If you have a multinational operation, video conferencing will help get all of your employees in sync with each other and makes it easier for you to communicate to all of them.

Remember time is money that cannot be wasted.

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