Steps to Using Major Events for Business Promotion

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 20th, 2010

In a calendar year, many events take place all over the world. Each has its own significance in the walk of life it happens. There are political, cultural, sporting, academic and religious events. These events can help your business. Here’s how.

Step 1 Use natural disasters to promote your business (in a positive way)

No other event leaves a scar mark on mother earth like natural calamities. Events like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, Tsunamis’ and outbreaks of epidemics are etched in the memories of people forever. Then there are accidents that cause damage and destruction besides loss of life: wild fires, floods, tornados leave behind a trail of destruction. Mother Nature teaches us a lesson every time we act against it. This is a lesson you can learn from. Soon after a natural disaster many companies begin promotion campaigns to collect monies to help the victims of such catastrophes. You can too. Not only will your firm appear to be socially conscious, but new clients will purchase your products.

Step 2 Cash in on sports

Of the many events that take place on a regular basis, Olympics and academic sporting events are keenly awaited and widely participated in by all the countries of the world. Athletes winning medals bring glory to their respective nations and are welcomed back as heroes. Companies, such as General Mills, use the sudden celebrity of athletes to leverage their product in the eyes of the public. Sponsor a local sporting event or even host one. When the public hears of your company and links you to their sporting event, you will attract more customers.

Step 3 Use culture to build your reputation

Fashion events, movie premieres, and kids’ contests are cultural events that attract the attention of the public. By getting involved with a local cultural event, such as hosting or sponsoring a concert, you will be able to put your company and its mission in the minds of consumers.

Remember, getting involved keeps you in the minds of the public.

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