Steps to the Common Business Practices of Brazil

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 21st, 2010

If you want to start an international business, it is prudent to be global in the true sense of the word. Though it is correct that if you have a novel idea you can succeed anywhere in the world, as business practices in Brazil are different, you may have to adapt to their business sensibilities. Here’s how.

Step 1 Value personal relationships with business associates

In Brazil, meeting face to face with business associates and potential clients is highly favored over any other form of communication, including phone conversations and e-mails. Brazilians will usually only conduct a meeting or consider you if you have a personal relationship already or will be willing to develop one.

Step 2 Shake hands

Brazilians also favor handshakes and generally small talk at the commencement of any business meeting. At the end of the meeting, be prepared to continue small talk as Brazilians do not like to speed through meetings.

Step 3 Prepare to entertain

One of the biggest factors in doing business in Brazil is entertainment. Brazilians usually engage in entertainment at a local eatery or at their home. Bring a small gift or token to the host or hostess and be punctual. Lateness is unacceptable for meetings and post meeting entertainment.

Step 4 Get an interpreter or learn Portuguese

The common language in Brazil is Portuguese, although English language is widely spoken and signs can be found in both languages. During meetings, however, Portuguese will mainly be spoken.

Step 5 Include themes such as honesty and family values

Love, respect and honesty reign supreme in Brazil. Your chances of business success increase if you stick to the basic moral and family values. Brazilians value family and prayer. Stick to these values when marketing and presenting.

Step 6 Set meetings during business hours

Business hours are usually from 8:30-5:30 each day but Saturday and Sunday.

Remember Brazilians value personal relations and manners.


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