Steps to Selecting a Course of Study at College at any Age

Written By Steps To Faculty Published April 30th, 2010

Choosing a major at a college is a tough decision to take for any student, young or older. Colleges offer so many subjects that it becomes hard to decide when comes to selection. Among all these subjects, the latest hype is at the business studies. Choosing business as a major can prove fruitful. But here are some other things to consider.

Step 1 Analyze the current job market

There is no surprise that the economy and the need for workers in certain industries largely determine what classes and course of study you decide to take. For example, majoring in Mathematics may not prove as viable as majoring in English, Business, Nursing, Healthcare, or Communications. Investing in a degree or even a course is expensive and time-consuming. Your education should give you back what you put in it. .

Step 2 Look through Job Listings

After assessing the current job market, you should also consider browsing through the classified and online job boards to find which jobs are more prevalent and the educational requirements for these positions. Contact the Human Resource Department at some of the companies to find the specific course requirements needed to qualify for the job that you seek. For example, if you wanted to switch to a nursing career, contact the local hospital and ask if a RN diploma or Associates degree is sufficient for a level 1 nursing job or if it is essential that a BSN is mandatory.

Step 3 Speak with Experts, Mentors, and Faculty

Speak to a person who can guide you in the field that you would like to go into. There are numerous career counselors at national organizations such as Career Professional and Adult Development Network. Find faculty members in your desired field of study and ask them their opinion. Often times, these are also the advisors that recommend you to excellent positions.

That’s it! By following these simple steps your chances of getting the most out of your educational pursuit increases tenfold.

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