Steps to Enjoying the Sights of Denver, Colorado

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 10th, 2010

Denver, Colorado is a fabulous destination with picturesque mountain vistas and May celebrations. This Rocky Mountain retreat and metropolis, is surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks and verdant rolling plains. Find out more.

Step 1 Go Downtown

Considered to be the Mile-high City, downtown Denver has many tourist attractions. There are four star restaurants, three sports arenas and stadiums, walkable neighborhoods, an amusement park, the gold domed capitol and a branch of the United States Mint. Often called LoDo for Lower downtown, this section of the Downtown area also has a famous jazz club called El Chapultepec and a former warehouse district that now hosts brewpubs and shopping malls.

Step 2 Cheer the Colorado Rockies

Interact with thousands of other locals at Coors Field while watching the Colorado Rockies play ball at the landmark stadium.

Step 3 Stop in Larimer Square

The historic downtown neighborhood houses many landmark stores such as Cry Baby Ranch, the Goorin Brothers Hat Company, and the 16th Street Mall, which is a famous walkway lined with outside cafes.

Step 4 Visit the Denver Zoo

There is no greater destination than the ever popular Denver Zoo, located in City Park. The zoo is home to over 4,000 animals, including a five month old Grevy zebra, three new maned wolf-pups, several lions, a tiger, and giraffes. There are many benches to sit and soak in the scenery also while you people watch.

Step 5 Spend time at a museum

The Golden Triangle Museum District is home to eight museums including the Denver Art Museum, the Fire-fighter’s Museum, and the Titanic’s Molly Brown Victorian Mansion. The district also has over 50 art galleries that remain open until midnight every Friday for visitors to tour.

Step 6 Venture beyond the city

Visit and arrange a guided tour of the Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This natural performance spot also has trails for hiking and biking.

Remember, Denver is home to some of the best breweries around the country.

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