Steps to Enjoying San Antonio, Texas

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

Texas is a state that is vast, fertile, and home to some of the best and fastest growing cities in the United States. San Antonio is one of these destinations. Find out why.

Step 1 Take in the Fiesta

Every April, San Antonio hosts a ten-day springtime celebration known as the Fiesta. The city comes alive with free concerts, parades, fairs and carnival entertainment.

Step 2 Start at the Alamo

The Alamo, one of the greatest attractions in San Antonio, is a 300 year old fort that is embedded in Texan and American history. The mission commemorates the place where the Mexican Army defeated nearly 200 Texas defenders in 1836. The Alamo also harbors a Long Barracks Museum, which carries some of the weapons and other relics of the war. Although tiny in real life, the Alamo is at the hub of the city and leads to many other fantastic recreational activities and other historic sites.

Step 3 Take a romantic cruise or just sit at the River Walk

The River Walk is a shaded walkway that sits along the San Antonio River. Outdoor art, art galleries, shops, pathways, and fine restaurants line the river and also make it a great spot to take in the culture while enjoying fine cuisine. You can also take a romantic cruise on one of the many boats that are immediately available.

Step 4 Smell the roses at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden is a 33 acre showcases rich landscapes that include the East Texas Piney woods and the hill Country wildflower. You can also take pictures of the cactus-spotted hillsides of South Texas from here.

Step 5 Walk in the Park

Brackenridge Park is a 443 acre refuge that includes the San Antonio Zoo, the Brackenridge Eagle Miniature Train that spans the perimeter of the park, a Japanese tea garden, and a golf course. Have a traditional family picnic at one of the many barbeque spots, or soak up the year round balmy weather by just laying on the grass.

Remember, this Lone Star State city has plenty of activities for everyone. Plan ahead.

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