Steps to Learning about the Exquisite City of Berlin

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

If you want to spend some of your precious moments in one of the most ideal historical places, then Berlin would be a great place to visit with your family, friends, and children. Berlin has many interesting sites, including its famous Wall. Take a look.

Step 1 Check out the Berlin Wall

To get a glimpse of what the wall is and to get the clear picture of the rich glory of the Berlin Wall, you must consider visiting this spot. The visitor’s center displays movies about the Berlin Wall; the movies depict the past history, what led to the formation of the wall, and what the consequences were after the Berlin Wall was developed.

Step 2 Go back in Germanic History

A trip to the KZ-Sachsenhausen will really invigorate your thoughts, especially the students who might be inclined towards European history. There are audio tours on this trip which will give you immense pleasure and joy.

Step 3 Enjoy great art forms

The Museum Otto Weide which is located on Rosenthaler Street is a comparatively new museum that was the earlier a workshop of Otto Weide who sheltered and gave protection to the Jewish workers in the center of Berlin. The museum is worth exploring and will definitely catch your imagination.

Step 4 Take a Walk

It would be a great idea to explore Berlin through walking tours. Various walking tours like the New Berlin Walking Tours, Brewers Berlin Tours, and Original Berlin Walks will completely guide you through the most exotic places in Berlin.

Step 5 Pay respects

Don’t forget to visit the Holocaust Memorial, Bradenburg Gate, Hitler’s bunker, Reichstag, and many more places.

It is worth exploring the marvelous historical places like the Berlin to get a sense of European history and of Germany. Remember, to bring your passport as Germany requires all tourists to carry one before entering the country.

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