Steps to take when in Washington DC – The Land of the Lincoln Memorial

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

Washington DC is mainly a city of historical monuments and buildings which have great significance in the United States landscape. Considered the capital of the United States, Washington DC is a unique city with much to offer. Find out.

Step 1 Stop by the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial occupies a very significant place in the city of Washington DC. The Lincoln Memorial is a great tribute to Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial has been a top spot for presidents to deliver speeches and lectures for prominent political leaders since 1922, including most recently President Obama.

Step 2 Visit the Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore, located on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay, is the city’s most attractive tourist destination. The area is filled with picturesque locations, tropical vegetation, historical monuments, and stunning beaches which can simply make you awe struck by their immense beauty.

Step 3 Expand your tour

You should also visit Chestertown, Ocean City, and St. Michaels in order to acquire optimum pleasure and joy. It is a great place to visit during summer vacation.

Step 4 Make a pit stop at the Baltimore Inn Harbor Restaurant

The Baltimore Inn Harbor will be the ideal place to visit along with your family and friends during the day. The major attractions here will be the National Aquarium, Camden Yards, Port Discovery, and Pier Six Pavilion. There are many shopping stalls and restaurants you can pick up souvenirs.

Step 5 Go north

A quick bus trip to 30 miles north to the state of Maryland, which can be arranged at, C&O National Historic Park is a very unique destination where you will be able to witness original structures like locks, lock houses, and aqueducts. The Maryland Parks and the Deep Creek Lake will be the ideal spots for bicycling, walking, boating, fishing, camping, skiing, and snowmobiling. .

Remember, Washington is home of the White House and all seat of federal government. Be sure to include stops to these important destinations also.

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