Steps to Take when Traveling in Calgary

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

Calgary is one of the largest cities in the province of Alberta, located in Canada. It is an important center for trade and communication and is situated in the gateway of the Rocky Mountains. The heart of Canada is Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, the largest metropolitan site. However, Calgary has splendid mountain scenery and friendly people who make you feel welcome. Let’s take a look.

Step 1 Take in the local restaurants and grills

There are lot of options as to what to do when traveling in Calgary. One can visit different bars and restaurants such as the Diamond Valley Inn, Turner Inn Family Restaurant, and the Keg Steak House and Bar. These local venues provide live entertainment and exquisite culinary delights.

Step 2 Soak up the culture

There is diversity in the culture and tradition of Calgary. The main attractions of Calgary are Inglewood, Bow River, Kensington, Eau Claire market, and Prince’s Island. There is Jaipur Bridge which connects Calgary with Princes Island Park. These sites offer exclusive and inexpensive shopping venues as well as souvenirs, hotels, and even a floating restaurant. There are a lot of interesting sites. You should check with your guide or a travel agency to make sure that any packages include stops to these places. .

Step 3 Take a walk in one of the many parks

Various parks such as James Short Park & Cupola, Confederation Park, Reader Rock Garden, and Car Burn Park. In Calgary, there is a multi-activity park that hosted the Olympics in 1988. Calgary is one of the few cities in the world that maintains lush trees and breathtaking landscapes so that tourists can not only enjoy a good walk, but feel at one with nature in the process.

Step 4 Visit the local children’s museum

Glen Bow Museum is also a center of attraction for children. With over 10,000 items of child inventors, there is no shortage of delights at the children’s museum.

Remember, Calgary also hosts the annual Rodeo and Stampede which has attracted world class entertainers such as Bon Jovi.

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