Steps to take when travelling in Houston, Texas

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

Incredible Houston – The Land of NASA

The United States has many wonderful historic cities to visit, including Houston, located in Southern Texas. Currently, considered a booming area economically and by population, Houston has many unique sites to see. Take a look.

Step 1 Visit NASA

Houston, which is home to NASA or the National American Space Agency, is worth exploring. NASA is a very significant place in the United States of America. Due to security reasons though you may not be able to visit the premises, but there are walking tours which may guide you to the outer area of the premises. You will be able to see shuttle payload bays and various space rockets which can really make you speechless.

Step 2 See the Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Houston will be the ideal place to explore, especially with your children because it is specifically meant for small children. There are numerous interactive exhibits which can give true information and knowledge to the kids.

Step 3 Stop by the Heritage Society

The Heritage Society, which was built in 1900, and the Hermann Park will be the two most ideal spots to visit along with your friends, family, and children. Hermann Park has an impressive zoo, outdoor theater, Japanese garden, and a lovely golf course. All those who may be interested in some outdoor activities like playing golf can simply take advantage of this splendid golf facility.

Step 4 Take a tour of the Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is yet another fabulous place which you must consider visiting. The museum is filled with caricatures of prehistoric wild animals like the dinosaurs, astronomy, and portraits of the Serengeti Plains. The Minute Maid Park situated at Crawford Street will be worth exploring because it is the home of Astro’s baseball.

These hot spots give the most memorable experiences in Houston. Remember, to bring a pair of sneakers.

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