Steps to Take When Traveling in Montreal

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec and is the second largest city of Canada. Considered to be the richest city in French tradition and culture, Montreal is a must see tourist attraction throughout the world. Find out why.

Step 1 Learn the culture

Situated on the St. Lawrence River, Montreal has always been considered a traditional city with modern tastes and a unique artistic flair. The citizens of Montreal are considered by many to be of high class. Their taste in food and fashion are original and trendsetting. Per, this place is most preferred by gays and lesbians as there are no specific rules and regulations about marriage. In like manner, freedom of artistic expression is also encouraged in Montreal.

Step 2 Take a travel guide

If you are decide on Montreal as your travel destination, bring a travel guide and find out all the basic ideas of where to stay and what locations to visit for a better experience. You can also visit and has a vast amount of information about lodging, dining, and tours. There are several underground subways connecting almost the whole city. Major bars and hotels can be found in the south of the city. There are museums in old Montreal and various historical buildings to visit.

Step 3 Enjoy the breathtaking scenery

You can also visit Le Plateau, which is a residential area that has a beautiful scenic area. There is an old Olympic stadium, a botanical garden, and insectariums at the Hochelaga Mesonneuve.

Step 4 Ski and Skate

There is skiing facility available in parc du Mont Royal, where there is free skating, kayaking, and surfing. One can visit different parks in the city like parc Lafontaine, square saint-Louis, parc Jeanne-mance.

Step 5 Party at the festivals

There are various festivals celebrated in Montreal, including the world famous Montreal Jazz festival held every June.

Remember, Montreal is very cold in the winter. Plan ahead.

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