Steps to take when Traveling in Mumbai, India

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 11th, 2010

Are you interested in an exotic and relaxing vacation or travel spot? Then Mumbai, located in India, is the perfect place for you. See why.

Step 1 Go sunbathing

The Gorai Beach is situated in the north of Mumbai. So if you wish to travel to Mumbai for vacation, then you must visit this fabulous beach. The beach is a short ferryboat ride from Marve Beach or Gorai Creek. Gorai Beach is famous for its crystal clear sand dunes and sparkling blue water. It is also famous for its vibrant night parties which can simply invigorate the mood and senses of the visitor. During the day, the beach is filled with couples, young children, and even families who visit this place especially on weekends to spend their precious leisurely moments under the flamboyant sunrise and even sunset.

Step 2 Find amusements

The marvelous theme parks, Essel World and Water Kingdom, are also situated along the coast line. You can easily visit these places to explore some of the most breathe taking swings and water slides. Children and teenagers are most expected to enjoy these two wonderful theme parks.

Step 3 Go racing

The Mahalaxmi Race Course is another splendid place where you can spend your holidays. It is located in the heart of Mumbai and it comes alive during the racing season that commences in mid November.

Step 4 Shop til you drop

Juhu Chowpatty, which is a vivacious coastline incorporating diverse shopping stalls, eating outlets, and horse rides, will really captivate your imagination.

Step 5 Meditate and relax

The Gateway of India Monument and the Ajanta Ellora caves will give something for everyone. Whether you would like to relax, mediate, or just take in some scenery, these are the places for you.

Remember to bring your passport and a travel guide before you board the plane to India.

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