Steps to leave a job: a few tips

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 20th, 2010

In today’s corporate world, a little respect can go a long way. Whatever your image in your current job has an enormous effect on your future career. Your current coworkers and boss will need to provide references for you at some point in the future. Hence, never blow up at your boss or co-workers. If you know how to resign gracefully, you’ll leave your current position with a sense of confidence and pride that will carry over to your new job and beyond.

It’s very difficult to bid farewell to your old working place, lunch spot, regular paycheck and above all people with whom you had spent more than 40 hrs every week. In order to have a bright career and future, we have to go ahead leaving all old things behind. And the reason is different that you don’t like the current job, but you feel bad while leaving it.

Then, how to leave a job? The answer is simple and if you follow the below mentioned tips, it will be easier for you to leave a job without regret.

Step 1 Keep quiet

If you are leaving a job due to some personal reasons, you should not talk much about it. People remember what you say and can form the wrong opinion about you whether you are moving to better pastures or just had to leave. In the future, the same coworkers or supervisor may give out information that can tamper with your future positions and even cause you not to get the job.

Step 2 Work with your supervisor

If you have been fired out of the job, stay cool and explain the situation to potential employers, but politely ask your supervisor to note that you are just no longer working at the company or only provide future employers with dates and titles only. By doing so, you avoid having to disclose too much information which can prevent being hired in the future.

Step 3 Maintain professional contacts with former coworkers and employers

Maintain a distance between your co-workers, but do not break all the relations with the old company. The firm may need your services in future too; therefore don’t burn the bridge be between you and your old company. In addition, over time people may forget you, so keep professional contact. Remember if you don’t like your old firm keep quiet. Never say anything bad about it while leaving. People keep these pointers in mind

Hence, if you keep the relations good with the old company before leaving the job, you will not have to regret even if you are leaving the company on some personal grounds.

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