Steps to Leave Your Boss Gracefully With No Complaints

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 20th, 2010

An individual has numerous reasons to leave a job. Remember the final impression on left on your boss is very important. Then, how to leave our boss gracefully? Whatever may be the reason, if you do not like the job or the boss, gracefully leaving your boss is very important. As such, saying good bye to your boss in a professional manner will be worth it and favorable to you in the short-term and long-run.

Step 1 Prepare a good resignation letter

If you are leaving the job on your own, then a decent resignation letter can do wonders. The resignation letter should be short and valid reasons should be included in a positive way. You can thank your boss at the end and make a good impression. Examples of good resignation letters can be found at and at Don’t forget to give your boss the resignation letter at least two week before leaving your job according to your job contract.

Step 2 Remain diligent

Work attentively when you are still in the job. You can collect contact information from your colleagues and supervisors, so that you can keep in touch with them after you leave. Finish all the works that are unfinished or are assigned until the day you leave. By doing so, you leave a good impression on your boss.

Step 3 Schedule a meeting with your boss prior to leaving

Prepare a list of what you want to discuss with your boss. Make constructive comments and present them in an informal conversation with your boss or supervisor. A positive presentation will earn you respect. Be professional and stress on the benefits you have got from the job. Such action helps the boss solidify a lasting impression of you

Step 4 Maintain a professional demeanor

Last but not the least; do not say anything negative about your boss or the company.

Remember, leaving your boss may be unavoidable, but how you leave is all up to you.

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