Steps to selling your business and gain profit

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 20th, 2010

There are certain situations where you search for the answer for “how to sell your business?” This question arises in every businessperson’s mind when they have to sell their products with or without a broker. The simple thing to sell your business is outlined below.

Step 1 Get appraised

Visit to find a network of business evaluators and appraisers who can help discover the true value of your business. These professionals can also help you see where in the market you can sell you business to reap to highest return.

Step 2 Prepare

The second and foremost thing in business is to understand the process. Be prepared ahead of time and collect your finances, tax returns, leases etc. Think yourself as a prospective buyer and imagine what all would you be expecting when you want to buy. Three to five years of financial statements, balance sheets should be kept ready for analyzing by the buyer.

Step 3 Advertise your business online

Most small businesses are marketed on the Internet. Thus, a seller can reach to more and more buyer through internet by opening a website and advertising in it. Visit to find inexpensive means to sell your business. Although it has been done before, you can auction your business on or you can use or to sell your firm also.

Step 4 Engage potential buyers

And when you get a prospective buyer, try to provide all the necessary information, set up meetings with them, keep in contact with them and keep the business running; You should also learn to disclose everything before and after the acceptance of the business.

Step 5 Deal with details

Prior to setting up a price and before accepting an offer, don’t forget to ask your CPA about the taxes and proceed according to the CPA’s guidance. An escrow company can be contacted for any transaction as the money is safe here. The best plan is to not hide any cash, at least the year before you plan to sell.

Remember, your business is an expression of you. Don’t sell yourself short.

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