So you want to be a blogger? Steps to getting started

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 22nd, 2010

Online blogging is a wonderful way to make a living and you literally do not have to climb out of bed to do it. In another article, we will discuss how to get the business side of a blog up and running; for now, however, we are going to look at how you can make your writing as effective and as insightful as it can possibly be. Without question, if you want to make it as a professional writer, you need to know where your strengths lie, what you love writing about most, and whether there is an audience for the things that interest you. Knowing who you are and who you want reading your material can definitely help you build up a writing career without ever having to leave home.

Step 1 Where does your knowledge base lie?

People write their best when they write on topic about which they considerable knowledge. This does not mean technical knowledge, necessarily – not every subject is ‘technical’ – but it means knowledge that is sufficiently broad and deep that you can discuss the topic at length and keep on writing about the topic for a long time to come; after all, if your knowledge about something is exhausted in a few posts, then maybe you need to look at writing about something else. All good writers research any subject area before they write on it – and they also never stop learning about a subject area. If you want to write and if you want to blog, then writing must be part of a life-long commitment to learning.

Step 2 What do you love to write about?

Writing is something that requires passion and commitment; if you lack the passion, you will never become a writer and you will certainly never become a successful one. When you are starting out on a writing career, you have to ask yourself what it is that you love writing about. Remember: you are going to be writing about this subject a lot so it has to be something that will engage you even on those days when you do not putting finger to keyboard. At the same time, it must be a subject that is sufficiently stimulating that it brings the best out of you each day; as a rule, writing about sports is fun, but writing about the business of sports might be better.

Step 3 Do you have an audience for your writing?

Once you have figured out what subject best suits your knowledge base, and once you have figured out what subject will engage you the most and keep you interested over the longest period of time, the next step is to look at whether or not you have an audience that is sufficiently interested in the subject to want to read whatever it is you write. Obviously, sports talk is always going to have a large audience, but there could be niche areas underneath the broad umbrella of ‘sports’ that are under-served and just crying out for a good writer. Finding niche areas within popular subjects (popular subject areas that interest you, that is) may be all you need to start bringing in a steady and dependable audience of people who want what you have to offer. The key, in the end, is to find a popular subject – even looking at the Google search rankings can help – and then to find something about that subject that is novel and which can satisfy an under-served appetite.

In the end, writing is not hard; it sometimes just takes a little bit of time finding out what you should really be writing about. Remember, knowing who you are, what you love and what the marketplace is looking for are huge, integral steps to becoming a professional writer.

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