How do you become an inventor? 3 Easy pieces

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 28th, 2010

We all want to leave our mark on the world; it is a natural way to feel. Being an inventor requires talent and a real vision – but it also requires things that all of us can cultivate: close observational skills; an ability to see how other people might need the things we need; and a willingness to brave ridicule. Below are three steps by which you can become an inventor and a path-breaker in the world.

Step 1 See what other people lack

Everyone has something they wish they could possess; maybe it’s a car or some other product that already exists but to which they do not presently have access. However, there are other times when people want things that simply are not out there: it could be a wish for something that would help with household chores or it could be something that allows them to do a task from afar without having to get up and actually physically do it. Whatever it may be, observing other people and what they want is the first step towards identifying a need that your creative talents can exploit.

Step 2 What you may need, everyone else may need, too

It is tempting to think that we all have different tastes and needs – which is true to a point. But the problems that one person has will often also be the problems that other people will have at various times. Given that, if you ever wished that something existed or that something could be done to make a particular task easier, then maybe it is a good idea to come up with something that can make the world a somewhat better place. In short, if you ever asked yourself, “I wish they had….” or “if only there was a way…” then chance are that a lot of other people have thought that same thing, too.

Step 3 Let people laugh; you’re the one pursuing your dreams

People have a hard time with ridicule, and it’s understandable: whether it’s being laughed at by the pretty girl at the bar or being snickered at by neighbors, people have trouble with ridicule. However, the ones who find success in life are the ones who brave ridicule because they know that a life worth living involves chasing after one’s dreams. If you have an idea and refuse to pursue it because you do not want to be laughed at, you will remember that far more than the insults of people who simply lack the courage to tackle their own dreams or ambitions.

If you want to be an inventor, then you have to realize three things: you need to develop something that people want; you need to realize that the things you want are probably the things that others have wanted; and you need to realize that ridicule comes as part of the price of success. Keep these items in mind, and you can be an inventor, too.

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