Running a home-based business isn’t so easy: how to be productive working from home

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 28th, 2010

You’ve finally made it: after years of slaving away for someone else, you are out of the office, away from all the silly politics and vendettas, and running your own home-based business. Life is good – almost. The one problem people always encounter with home-based businesses is that they consistently fail to realize that a business is still a business – and if you do not have a good routine in place while working from home, you can miss out on opportunities and fall behind when you should be getting ahead. Here’s how you can help yourself.

Step 1 Keep a routine

When you worked at your old job, you had no choice but to get up at a certain time; the schedule was determined for you. Working from home, you no longer have to get up at a set time – but you still should; you should still get up each day as if it is a regular work day where certain things have to be done by a certain time. When you work for yourself, the key is to put as much effort into getting things done (and to putting in an honest day’s labor) as you always did when working for someone else.

Step 2 Have a sense of urgency

When you work for yourself, remember that now all the responsibility rests on your shoulders – not someone else’s. Before, it was another party who had to handle the business-related expenses; now, it is you. Before, it was someone else who had to make sure the bills were paid on time; now, all of that falls to you. Therefore, it pays to realize that today’s procrastination can lead to tomorrow’s empty stomach.

Step 3 Be the professional person you’ve always wanted to be

When you work for yourself, you are finally free to be you – which can be a blessing and a curse. Working in an office, you often became discouraged, apathetic and even a little sloppy; the things you were doing were not things you wanted to be doing. Now, however, you are in complete charge of your own life and that means that you finally have a chance to be the person you wanted to be but never had the opportunity to be previously. Above all else, that should be mean being productive, disciplined, imaginative and professional; now is the time to see what your ceiling really is.

Working from home can be a curse in the sense that, because we have all this new-found freedom, we also have plenty of opportunity for misspending it. The only way to curb that is to approach each day with the simple realization that this is your chance to be all that you have ever wanted to become – and here is a chance for you to finally work hard for yourself and not for someone else.

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