How do you take an idea and turn it into a mass-marketed invention?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 31st, 2010

So, you have your new idea; now you need to turn it into a mass-marketed item that will bring wealth and notoriety. In some ways, marketing an idea is more difficult than actually coming up with the idea in the first place; it certainly requires a different set of skills. In this article, we will explore how you can turn your idea into something great.

Step 1 know people

When you first conceived your grand idea, you saw a need for a particular product – a need shared by other people. Whenever you start advertising a product, you need to make people aware of the fact that the item you have is an item that will serve their personal interests and concerns – and that means discussing common, everyday occurrences that can be made so much easier if they will simply buy your invention. A good way of summing things up is to take something we all endure – it could a common household chore or household plumbing problem – and explain how that problem can be made to go away with your invention.

Step 2 explain your own reasons for creating the invention

Clearly, your invention came from somewhere; new ideas are invariably the products of necessity. When you start out marketing something that is new, offer your own narrative; draw closer to your audience by talking about yourself and a problem you struggled to overcome. If you have invented something, the best thing you can do is to explain to people how that invention has changed your life for the better; when people see how it has helped you, their interest will be piqued. After that, you can start discussing how the invention can help them, too.

Step 3 Emphasize the great deal they are getting

This step can be illustrated by an example: let us say that you have come up with something that can do many different household tasks in short order; clearly, to find the tools necessary to do all of those various tasks otherwise would cost a considerable amount of money. Thus, the best way to make your advertising pay off is to stress how you are saving your audience, your prospective customers, an awful lot of money by giving them something that can overcome so many of their problems in one fell swoop. If you cannot emphasize the gains they will receive (especially financially), your great idea is not going anywhere.
Mass-marketing a new idea is so critical to success; many wonderful inventions never took off because they were poorly marketed, and many mediocre products have found a widespread audience because they, literally, created a need. The key to marketing your new invention is to make it abundantly plain why that invention is going to improve people’s lives; the three steps above can only help in this regard.

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