How should you grow a start-up business?

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 31st, 2010

The easiest part, it often seems, is starting a business; making it grow can be a lot more challenging. Yet, it does not have to be a nightmare – and it does not have to be a riddle – when it comes to making your organization grow dynamically. Below are some things that you can do to grow your business.

Step 1 research the market

When you start a business, you need to know the sort of market you will be dealing with and the sort of people you will be dealing with. As a small business owner, you will be starting at the local level; thus, you have to know the rhythms and the sensibilities of the local inhabitants of the community: what they like; what they dislike; how they shop for services; what they need. This can be an informal process – but you do need to know your local market before you can grow at all.

Step 2 start small and work big

Before you can become a huge corporation, you need to first become a small, prosperous organization. Ultimately, this means that you need to understand the local market (or at least your specific target market) before you expand your base of operations. Know the specific group you are targeting – it is a good idea to narrow the target group down as much as possible – and then proceed from there to expand your operations over time by gradually adding more services once your basic clientele has been established.

Step 3 Retain your customers

When you have a new business, you must recognize that your existing customers are the ones who will ultimately finance the additional advertising you do or the expansions you make to your physical operations; work hard to keep them so that they can keep you. As well, no business can grow when it develops a reputation for high customer turn-over, so keeping people happy will keep your brand strong.

When you start to grow a start-up business, there are a few basic steps you must always keep in mind; those steps are vital and the three steps above are three steps that can keep you in a happy position as you push forward and try to carve out a growing niche for yourself in the business world. It sounds so simple, but growing a business by knowing your customers, by working on the local before you work on the global, and by keeping the customers you already have are the only ways for a business to grow in a sustainable, enduring manner. Follow the right steps, and success can be yours regardless of the obstacles that might otherwise be in the way.

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