Inventors and Inventions: How to keep your ideas from being stolen

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 31st, 2010

We all want to live in a trustworthy world – but we all know that is not the real world. If you are an imaginative, entrepreneurial type, then it is plain that protecting your ideas is a very important thing, indeed. Given that, there are definitely a few things a man or woman can do to protect his or her intellectual property.

Step 1 Be careful who you let into your confidence

Whenever you have a good idea, it is worth bearing in mind that those ideas can be easily stolen by people you may have known and trusted for some time; money can do funny things. Thus, if you are going to let anyone into your confidence, and if you are considering a partner or collaborator, never forget the fact that the character of those around you is very important; only let into your confidence people you trust implicitly.

Step 2 Make your great idea hasn’t been taken by someone else

The federal government (whether in Canada or the United States) will invariably have patent offices around – you can find them on the internet – that will direct you to listings of all active patents; you should always take a look at these listings before you go forward so that you are not later accused of stealing someone’s patent or violating the intellectual property rights of others.

Step 3 know the intellectual property rights of the jurisdiction you are in

Obviously, in America, intellectual property is staunchly protected; however, such rights may be treated far more dismissively in Asia, in the former Soviet Union, or even in Latin America. For this reason, you need to know what your rights are when it comes to selling and distributing the end-product of your bright new idea; if you do not know what is a good place to do business and what is a bad place to do business, then you are looking at a lot of trouble.

Step 4 See a lawyer

A lot of people would rather see the dentist than see a lawyer, but lawyers do occasionally serve a valuable purpose – particularly when it comes to apprising you of your rights with regards to intellectual property and especially when it comes to guiding you through the formal process by which your patent is registered. Asking the professionals to help you navigate the system can be a great way to ensure that you do not run afoul of government regulations.

It is true that having your own ideas and putting them into practice is a wonderful thing – but it can be painful, also. To have success, you have to recognize that your ideas deserve protection – and that you need to be surrounded by people you trust and by lawyers upon whom you can depend; it also never hurts to know your own rights as an innovator and creator.

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