Tools and resources: where to look for the best help

Written By Steps To Faculty Published May 31st, 2010

You have your own business; you are finally seeing some success after all your hard work. However, there are still challenges – and of the biggest is where to find the best employees. What follows is a guideline on what you can do to make your life a lot easier.

Step 1 students are always in need of work

Student co-operative programs and apprenticeship programs can be wonderful learning experiences for youngsters – and, if they are treated right, it can end up being a situation wherein you find a loyal employee who will want to stay with your firm when the apprenticeship or internship is over. Without question, student employees are cheap, they are current, and they are more enthusiastic and motivated than older, jaded workers. On top of that, they are less set in their ways and can be more readily indoctrinated into the organizational culture.

Step 2 Professional trade publications or professional contacts

The odds are great that, if you are running a professional operation, you will not find the workers you really want at the local job bank; you will have to find them in trade publications (where those are available) or you will have to find them via massaging the contacts you have within the industry. As a rule, finding the best people usually involves informal contacts, so it never hurts to have an active network. It also never hurts to have a good portfolio built up of previous interns and apprentices just in case they are looking at engineering some sort of career change.

Step 3 Go to university

When seeking the best help, there are few places that are better than research-intensive universities. At a university, you can find plenty of talented people who are young enough, ambitious enough, and focused enough to be assets to any firm. Of course, if you are running a small or modest-sized business, keeping those people over time can be problematic – unless you offer them a material stake in the company so that they can profit right along with you as the entity grows. In a related vein, taking extra courses at university in business-related enterprises can be a very good way of meeting young people in a fairly informal way.

The absolute best resource any organization can have is its human resources – and you have to know where to find them. The best place to find them, ultimately, is in an educational environment or in the professional environment; talented people are often re-circulated in the professional setting as they look for new challenges or move closer to home (or simply see a more balanced lifestyle). With that in mind, the key is to use the inside contacts and the educational system to find young people and professionals you really want to hire.

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