Finding a Trustworthy Patent and Invention Attorney for Recognizing your Invention

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

A patent attorney is a full attorney who specializes in patent law. He or she has all the authority to represent you in the court. Patent attorneys must have a degree in a technical discipline, such as mechanical or electrical engineering, chemistry, or pharmacology in addition to a law degree. Patent attorneys work as patent examiners for the Patent Office before going to private practice. Many law firms appoint patent attorneys to give it in writing the patent applications. But can you trust your attorney? The following are few steps on how to find a trustworthy patent and invention attorney for recognizing your invention:

Step 1 Get an attorney specializing in your invention

In selecting a professional patent attorney you should first take into consideration the technical specialty of the inventors. For example, if you invent an electrical device, then you need to find a patent attorney that specializes in electrical engineering. An attorney that focuses on the chemical development of perfumes will not be as effective for your invention.

Step 2 Observe the behavior of the attorney

The second main thing is “trust” which most of the patent professionals should create. Does the professional delegate the patent search to a professional searcher, or does he himself do it.

Step 3 Insist on getting testimonials in writing

You should insist on this writing. A weak spoken opinion should be replaced by writing. The written ideas should be compared with the claims.

Step 4 Ask questions and wait for a response

Does the attorney give you unhurried answers to your questions? If so, then the attorney is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Step 5 Check for independence and working relations

Does this professional work well with independent inventors? Attorneys and agents who work alone are usually less expensive than those working in the firms, and he may give better attention to your invention than any professionals who work mainly for corporations.

Remember, the attorney you select can make or break the success of your invention in the market.

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