Get a Prototype of Your Invention

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

You have an idea that you would like to make into a saleable product. You have patented the invention idea and need to go to the next step in the inventor’s chain- prototyping. Some of the steps listed below explain how to get your invention a prototype.

Step 1 Draw

Make a drawing(s) of your invention. If you have the descriptions of the drawing do keep it in the inventor’s log book. Use CAD to make a CAD (computer aided design) drawing of your invention.

Step 2 Develop a model

Make a model (non-working) of your invention with the help of foam, wood, paper, cardboard. This will give an idea about the size and the form of your invention.

Step 3 Determine cost

Figure out the cost of the working prototype. Do remember that only one single copy may be expensive to make, therefore, go in for mass production to bring down the cost of per unit. Do lots of research on the existing methods and its alternatives.

Step 4 Consider a 3-D visualization

If your prototype is on the higher side depending on your invention, produce a virtual prototype. In today’s age there are various programs that can stimulate the invention in 3D and test the invention’s working condition. You can get the help of professionals to make the virtual prototypes at or They can also make your invention into video or CD animation to make it more attractive.

Step 5 Seek professional help

You may need the help of a professional prototype, engineer or designer at some point of the invention process. Visit,, and to find out more about professionals in your area.

Remember, prototyping is the most important step in getting your invention to market.

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