Grow your business through corporate contracts

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

Any business process must be consistent and replicable to be efficient. In like manner, as a small business owner you are constantly faced with having to sell your products and services to the general public and even other businesses. Even though you make efforts to constantly maintain contact with your customers through emails, telephone, marketing materials, and networking, you still need to find ways to grow your business. You have set up a meeting with a company that you would like to service and receive a long-term contract. Now what? Take a look.

Step 1 Request referrals

Once you have set up a meeting with the head of your target firm or the head of procurement, be sure to ask for the business and also request referrals. This move may seem strange, but it confirms that you are serious about deliverance and really wish to help the company. In the event that the company rejects your bid, however, your professional contacts can refer other businesses to you or at least aid in your communication wit them.

Step 2 Deliver more than you promise

If the business accepts your offer and takes you on as a client, then you should not promise more than you know you can deliver. At the same time give more to the firm than what is in the contract. By doing so, you establish a good image and will be considered for future contracts.

Step 3 Stay focused on the client

Be sure to remain focused on your client and the needs of the client. Do not become so scattered that you forget what is important. Remember the contract can be terminated after the agreed upon time. You want to continue your business and maintain your company image.

A few simple steps can help you grow your business to more than you ever thought possible.

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