How to Get your Board Game Invention Recognized by the Board Game Industry

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

A board game is a game that is played across a decorated set by two or more players. The board (set) may have markings and selected spaces, and the board game may have tokens, stones, dice, cards, or other pieces that are used in a specific way throughout the game. If you have invented any board game and want your board game invention to be recognized by the Toy Industry Association industry, you should always do the following.

Step 1 Copyright, patent, license your work

Get a patent for the invented product and prior to that you should also make sure that your invention is properly produced. Try to get potential license for your invented product.

Step 2 Talk to others

Find out what people would like to see by visiting By learning what’s currently available and the demand of consumers, you can carry out market research and find out whether your product new or already such type of invention exists in the market. You can also determine the profitability of your invention idea before engaging in the tedious task of getting your product to market.

Step 3 Partner with a designer

Although your idea may be a sound one, often times toy companies and other entertainment industry professionals do not have the funding to help you get started. What do you do? Don’t give up, partner with an existing inventor. Visit, to find reps and other seasoned inventors who can help get your product off the ground. These professional already know firms that you can pay to produce your product.

Remember if you have invented a board game and want it to be recognized by game industry, you can follow the simple steps mentioned above and get your invention recognized. And not to forget that hard work always pays, hence, visit various board game industries and show your invention and talent.

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