How to get your Toy Invention Recognized by the Toy Industry

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

A toy inventor’s path to success today requires hard work, endless attention to detail, a little luck and above all, an appreciation of the unique toy market requirement that shape the toy industry. Fortunately, most of the toy companies welcome the ideas of external inventors and appreciate their toy creations and inventions. Toy companies avid annual capacity for new items or toys.

Though the toy business is comparatively friendly to inventors, licensing and market factors of the toy invention has made an inventor’s dreams of turning their ideas into dollars more difficult than ever. How to get your toy invention recognized by the toy industry? The answer is you require certain skill and new ideas to deal with the toy industry, but the only way to succeed in this area is hard work and determination. There are certain procedures wherein you can get your toy invention recognized by the toy industry:

Step 1 Run a patent search

Do a thorough patent search to make sure that your ideas are protected and do not infringe with other invention.

Step 2 Get a trademark, license, or patent

Visit the USPTO ( to ensure that you get your potential licensees and/or any necessary trademarks.

Step 3 Research

Always try to match your invention with a company’s abilities. Do a market research and gather different ideas and study the specific segment of the toy market that best matches your invention. Is there a consumer base for it? Who will benefit from your invention? Why should a toy company purchase and invest in your idea? These are common questions that need to be answered before you approach any toy company. Examine the type of toys that are produced to ensure proper compatibility.

Step 4 Contact and network with manufacturing reps

Do networking and get business references, especially from other inventors who have licensed concepts to your prospects. Do look at the big picture. Trade in short-term security for long-term goals when negotiating a deal with toy companies. The goal is to get them to produce your idea and get it to market as quickly as possible. Even if you may have to accept less money upfront for the idea, if the company will get your invention to market within six months, then go for it.

Remember, you are the master of your own invention.

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