Improve Your Chances of Selling Your Home

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

You need to sell your home, but fear it won’t sell due to its size. There are some presentation tricks that you can use to improve the look of your home and make it appear larger than it actually is. You can also use the same secrets to give your house the advantage while it is on the market. Here is what you can do.

Step 1 Compare houses

Drive around your area and take a good look at the other houses in your neighborhood. Take pictures of other houses that are selling. How are these homes different than yours? Do the houses have flowers in the front yard? If so, replicate the same touch to your home. By fixing your house so that it is comparable to other for-sale houses in your neck of the woods, you can dramatically increase your chance of sale and boast a competitive edge.

Step 2 Facelift a bathroom

Mildew, water spots, and faded tiles can make a bathroom look terrible and age your home. If you don’t have time to repair the entire bathroom, but need to show your home to potential buyers, consider buying a new towel set and matching shower curtain in a bright hue, such as white, or neutral, such as brown. This illusion makes the bathroom appear new and in good condition.

Step 3 Add some closet space

There is one thing that all potential buyers look for when considering a home purchase-a large closet. You can create closet space by doing one simple trick-removing half of the content in your closets. By taking out half of your clothing, linens, or shoes from your closets, you make the closet spear larger and more spacious than it actually is.

Step 4 Create more bedrooms

If you have a room that has a heat vent, a closet, and a window, then that can be considered a bedroom, even if you currently use it for storage or as a home office. The number of bedrooms matter to homebuyers. Create an extra bedroom to attract the interest of buyers.

Remember, if you have to sell, try these secrets to improve your chances of closing a sale.

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