Steps to Patent an Invention

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

A patent is an exclusive right to the inventor’s property and it excludes others from manufacturing, reproducing, and selling your invention for a set period of time. The following are few steps on how to patent an invention.

Step 1 Visit

You have to contact the Patent Office if you want to apply for a patent and can get the necessary application from the Patent Office. There are certain pre-determined fees that are quite costly while submitting the application and apply for your patent. Therefore, keep the cost of patenting in your mind as you start your invention.

Step 2 Understand the real procedures

Take note of the word “apply” in the patent application. There is no guarantee in getting the patent for your invention. When you submit your application it is sent to the Patent Office wherein it is examined thoroughly. And if your invention passes all the tests and the scrutiny as determined by the office, and if your invention is found to be original, pending if you have paid all the fees, then your patent will be granted. And if the Patent Office discovers that there are similarities in your invention compared to others, you may have to change your invention per their instruction. Be careful. You can easily obtain a patent, if your invention is not very close in structure. Or similar to other invention which been patented already. Hence, your invention should be new and unique.

Step 3 Keep all documents in a safe place

While creating your invention, keep all the documents related to your project handy. You will need to verify all documents with the Patent Office and eventually the patent attorney that you retain.

Remember to keep your invention new and unique in its own, so that you can be granted patent.

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