Steps to refurbish a dilapidated home for resale

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

Every seller would definitely want their home to be appealing to a buyer. It is therefore important for the seller to carefully plan and know how to professionally spruce up his or her home so that it attracts several buyers for a better bargain. This can be achieved through employing several measures.

Step 1 Repair what is broken

Conduct minor repairs. This may include replacing cracking floors or tiles, cracks on walls, fixing doors that do not close well, replacing bulbs that are not functioning as well as painting the entire house if possible.

Step 2 Clean

The entire house should be sparklingly clean and well arranged as this sends a good message to the potential buyers that you took good care of the property therefore increasing the purchasing urge leading to a better bargain. This means cleaning all over the house from wall to wall. Paint over anything that is not cleaned. The house should be clean and well cared for so that it is appealing to the potential buyers.

Step 3 Select your colors carefully

The space around the house ought to be neutralized in terms of colors and all the objects around the house on the display. The main goal in this case is to reach the prospective buyers emotionally. By doing so, you can convey that your house is worth purchasing and at a profitable rate.

Step 4 Remember outside

The general surrounding of the property especially a house should be appealing. The sidewalks should be cleared, mowed, faint window panes painted, attractive flowers planted and bushes around trimmed. The seller should also scrutinize well before by examining carefully whether everything is in the right order and arrangement appropriately done.

Remember, the house should appear as if somebody is already living in it.

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