Useful non-governmental small business resources online

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 2nd, 2010

Deciding to embark on a small business is no small endeavor. You need courage, determination, a clear vision of what your business will be and of course, lots of information and support. You will lose a lot of money, not to mention confidence if you are not well-informed of the things that you’d need to do to run a small business. That’s because there are so many information sources that will advice you on how to run your business.

But, not all advice is presented in a budget-friendly way. In addition, with so much conflicting information any business owner can get confused quite easily. The following is a step by step list of the best resources available to help you succeed with your business ventures.

Step 1 Visit the American Express Small Business Network

The American Express Small Business Network may look like a come-on for the credit card company to let you sign up for their card, but they do offer a treasure trove of useful information on how to start a business, locating financial resources and other topics. In addition, American Express even offers to finance sound business ideas and help provide incubation for business that qualify.

Step 2 Go to and

Both portals offer a wide range of pertinent information about business and entrepreneurship.

Step 3 Try

Although originally set up for nonprofit organization the Society for Nonprofit Organizations is an excellent resource that for-profit entrepreneurs can use to find products and services that aid their company mission.

Step 4 Talk to others through the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

This network, at the, is an excellent resource for those business leaders interested in networking with other business leaders and some nonprofit community advisors. There are many social opportunities to network, partner with other businesses and nonprofits, and engage in personal and professional development.

Remember, don’t waste time! Get educated about business matters through the legitimate sites and get the help you need today.

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