Developing the Secretarial Role – Managers

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 9th, 2010

Secretarial and administrative staff can only develop and add value to the business for the future, if their peers, the organization’s culture and their immediate managers create the right opportunities for them to do so. So here are the top ten tips for Managers:

Step 1. Talk to them! By involving, including, empowering and trusting your secretary, she will become more proactive and motivated.

Step 2. Share your expertise and knowledge. This way she will have a greater understanding of your work, your pressures and your objectives, and so be able to contribute more to the team.

Step 3. Ask for her thoughts on the working practices that just aren’t working efficiently: her experience and knowledge will probably save you hours of your valuable time.

Step 4. Introduce her to your clients and colleagues. The more they are known and seen to be part of your team, the fewer routine requests and tasks you will have to handle.

5. Don’t ask people to contact “your secretary” in correspondence. Use their full name! This will build relationships and trust – with your clients and with your secretary.

6. Consider your work objectives: what could they help you with?

7. Find out which areas of your own role your secretary would like to become more involved with. Work with her on these, and aim to delegate at least two new tasks a year.

8. Ask your peers how they work with their secretaries: you might be surprised at the range of responsibilities of other people’s secretaries.

9. Buy her a subscription to one of the professional secretarial magazines as an “anniversary” present or simply as a thank you.

Step 10. If you can’t work efficiently with your secretary consider your options: do nothing, or develop them. Doing nothing is the easy option. Developing your secretary needs your commitment, your time and your energy: the rewards are well worth the investment.

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