Steps to quickly selling your timeshare

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 14th, 2010

Do you own a timeshare? Are you short of cash or are you having any financial troubles? If so, if you have a primary home, you can consider selling your timeshare and get a hefty return on your investment. Timeshares are convenient when you don’t want to spend for a mortgage or if you travel frequently to a destination. But if finances are getting you down, sell you timeshare with speed and ease. Let’s take a closer look.

Step 1 Compromise

If you want to sell your timeshare quickly, then you will have to compromise with the monthly rate and any associated fees. Often time timing is everything so plan ahead and find out when the busiest times potential renters like to rent timeshares in your area by visiting The timeshare market is always a buyer’s market so ask around to find out the rates and fees that other timeshares are offering in your area so that you can beat them.

Step 2 Expose your timeshare

To maximize exposure of your timeshare, you need to advertise it where people actually look. Consider,, (in your region), and These are the top sites where timeshares are bought and sold daily.

Step 3 Get support

Check out to find support and other timeshare owners who can help guide you in the selling process or the rental process.

Step 4 Avoid brokers

Brokers generally add unnecessary fees and do not always get you the best deal. Visit portals such as to find willing buyers and timeshare renters at no cost to you. You want to get out of your timeshare as quickly as possible, remember. Any extra wheel will only delay the process and prevent you from reaching your ultimate goal.

Remember, a timeshare in a resort area is good property and can be sold for a profit by working with support groups and online portals. Over time, many time share owners have reported that these are the best sources to buy or sell a timeshare.

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