Steps to establishing a successful continuity program

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 22nd, 2010

Do you want to engage your existing customers in your business on a regular basis? Then consider promoting you product through a low cost continuity program that emphasizes the value of your product or a theme that your customers can relate to. When your customers have membership in your program you are able to learn a great deal about their tastes and can create the products desired. Take a look.

Step 1 Get paid in advance

Continuity programs not only enable you to receive payments from your customer’s membership, but also provide you with the option of charging an annual membership rate. By doing so, you can collect payments months in advance and are thus better able to determine your cash flow. You will be able to meet your payroll and rent better by establishing such a continuity program.

Step 2 Hire an expert

Quality is essential when developing a continuity program. Each month or quarter, you need to be able to provide your customers with a useful product or membership that entices and has them returning for more. If you are not an expert in something, you should consider hiring an expert to help build your program with you. You will be able to deliver a high quality program that is beneficial to your clients and to your business.

Step 3 Set up a listserv

Suppose there are people out there that would find your continuity program interesting, but you have not contacted? You can solve this by establishing a listserv or a special listing, usually through email, that enables you to broadcast your continuity program to millions at a time. Try and broadcast through email to the thousands of specialty social networks.

Step 4 Think like a consumer of your product

The best way to design your continuity program is to think like your customer. How will this membership benefit me? Can I afford to spend the amount required versus saving the money? These are some of the typical questions that run through your customers’ mind when deciding to purchase your program.

Step 5 Communicate

Frequently ask the members of your program what they would like to see out of their membership. Review the feedback and use it to design a better program by implementing the suggestions or designing your product line that meets the criteria of your customers. By doing so you can ensure you will increase revenues because you have inbuilt buyers for your output. Offer a contest or special. You can really get good input from your customers through these methods.

Remember, keep your customers interested.

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