Steps to Incorporating Marketing Continuity Programs in your online or small business

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 22nd, 2010

Do you want to generate a steady stream of income from your online business or small business? Like many business owners, you understand the importance of having a constant stream of income being generated by your business. Not only does constant revenue help keep your business afloat, the monies can be used to save and reinvest in your business. What is one great way to generate such a steady cash flow? Develop a continuity program. A continuity program is a marketing membership program that works well with your niche business. Find out how!

Step 1 Establish a Media club

Engage your customers through an audio book or DVD club as the book-of-the –month club did to their customers. Require that each month customers must subscribe to a club plan and pay a regular fee. By doing so, your revenue stream will add up as each customer feels more in tune with your business and at the same time you can deliver a wider range of products as well as media. This method is also helpful to your business as it allows you to establish an automatic billing plan and guarantees that you can determine how many customers per month will continue to remain in the club.

Step 2 Provide information

Constantly updating information about your business and about the industry of your business is essential to maintain regular customers. Set up e-books and podcast continuity programs to actively engage your customers and provide them with useful and current information that will benefit their lives and also will showcase the usefulness of your business in their lives.

Step 3 Be an expert

Expert based continuity programs are the best sources of regular income. People will freely spend on a subscription to an expert in a particular field or area of business. Find out what the latest trends are in business and select an area to become an expert. Whether it is art, software, or business valuation, pick an area that is relevant to your business and to your customers. Then establish a continuity program based on your expertise. You’ll be surprised to see how your income stream increases through an affordable program.

Step 4 Save money

Continuity programs are a great way to advertise new products to your existing customer base and even draw new consumers to your business. Your devoted customer base gained through your continuity program saves you money as the cost to market your products decreases dramatically. The name of your company is spreads through word of mouth as customers will boast of their good experience with you.

Step 5 Keep it simple

When you establish a subscription base, be sure to make it as easy to navigate as possible. Be clear on the terms of agreement and offer different methods of online payment, such as PayPal or Dalpay. By doing so, you ensure that your customers have a pleasant experience. Also ensure that secure socket layer (SSL) technologies are used on the payments so that your clients feel secure in making payments.

Remember, happy customers equal greater and steady revenues over time.

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