Steps to increasing your exposure through a non-profit alliance

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 22nd, 2010

Convincing customers to buy your products is a daunting task. Especially in these financially troubled times, your clients want to know what every penny is really going for. Your customers evaluate your goods and services with much more scrutiny than ever before. Using the traditional mediums of radio, television, and even the Internet to sell your goods is not good enough anymore. Now, you need to consider the reputation that is attached to your brand name and the long-term image that your customers or potential clients will associate with your company. Why should they buy from you when everyone else is peddling them some product which is similar to your products? One way to circumvent this dilemma is to use a non-profit alliance to promote your firm. Here’s how.

Step 1 Think about what you are selling

What do you sell? How is it of any value to consumers? By answering these basic questions, you will be able to determine the best approach to take when search for non-profit alliances that can really improve your image.

Step 2 Find non-profits in your area

Go to to find local non-profit organizations and non-profit alliances in your area.

Step 3 Align the mission of your company or purpose of your product with that of the alliance

Find out what the overall mission of the non-profit alliance is and match this mission to your product. For example, if the mission of the alliance is to feed 100 people everyday and provide basic essentials to the homeless in the community, then see how your product fits into this picture.

Step 4 Give to get

If you are in the food business, then offer a portion of your product to help the alliance fulfill their mission. Then have the alliance talk about your company when they promote their goals to the community. By doing so, your company image goes from being a take-what-you-can-get-in-dollars image to one of a company that supports local causes and is part of the community. People are more apt to buy your product in the stores when they feel more connected to your firm and your products.

Step 5 Sponsor an event

Work closely with the non-profit alliance and sponsor one of their events. The publicity will do wonders for your firm. You should also consider working with national alliances as well when sponsoring events. You will get increased exposure with the same investment as if you only invested in a local city event.

By working with a non-profit alliance your image and your product line will get a boost.

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