The Striking Power Of Giving A Free Copy To Your JV Partners!

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 23rd, 2010

OK, You have entered into JV’s with many marketers for your new smashing product. And you are expectantly gazing at the emails for those welcome order notifications to roll in!

But to your disappointment, the JV sales are nowhere near your expectations. Sounds familiar?

Yes! It’s true that only 5% of your affiliates does some sales for you. But how can you make these 5% to give their best shot to your product?

Here is my experience as a JV partner where I went out of my way to zealously promote other’s product with a vigor and sizzle that left me surprised at the end of it!

Why did I promote someone else’s product when I myself don’t find the time to set up sales pages for the 100’s of resale rights products that I own?

I am a JV partner with many online marketers like John Delavera, Carlos Garcia, Anik Singal, Rob Benwell, Paul Kleinmenulman, James Jackson …and many others.

…And there are three things that made me work for all of them!

Step #1: The Willingness To Give A Review Copy

This is a deadly JV strategy! When you receive a great products for free, something, somewhere inside you prompts you to give back something to the JV proponent.

And you end up committing yourself to the product and what you are expected to do as a JV partner.

Step #2: Quality Products That’s A Pleasure To Promote

To be frank, the products that I got were real sizzlers! I had no hesitation in promoting any of the products from my JV proponents for the simple reason they were all excellent.

And incidentally, the refunds on all these products were virtually nil — speaks volumes about the quality.

Step #3: High Commissions Offered

The minimum commission offered was 50% — some as high as 60%!

Enough to motivate you to work upon a product and release the creative juices hiding inside you to go all out! Does something struck in your brain about these three points? Hope it does.

In a nut shell: Before you dart out your JV proposals, remember these simple things and you have built a sales team that will go all out to sell your product.

Good luck to your future JV’s!

Roger Due

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